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Our goal is to help you to achieve the look and become as healthy as you can be. We know the struggle trying to sticking to a particular diet and still not able to achieve desired goals and results. ​Lean Optimum want to change that and help you to over​come any ​issues that you may ​encounter on your path. We want to help you develop healthy habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

We are proponents of KEtogenic diet but we understand that this diet is not for everyone and will work ith you to help pick the right diet and fitness program for you!

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​Meat The Team @ Lean Optimum

​Lauren Zagorski - Co-founder and content Head at Lean Optimum. She ​holds Master of Science ​in Clinical Nutrition from New York University (NYU) and Bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania in Communication and Media Studies!  

She is passionate ​about ​​nutrition and fitness and ​tried many diets to get in perfect shape and to help others to do the same! Lauren presently is on a Ketogenic diet ​herself and think it is good diet, but may not be good for everyone.

Lauren love to create personalized plans for her clients that individualized and fits individual lifestyle!

​Lauren is ​committed to optimizing the well-being of men and women ​all over the ​world through nutrition advice, fitness, ​recipes and more.

"It is all about the foods ​you love with some degree of necessary sacrifice to reach specific goal"

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