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Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Review of 2020 | Facts!

Bulletproof’s Brain Octane is praised by its customers who achieve “great brain clarity” and “Love. This. Product.”

Most people agree that it’s a filling, delicious, MCT-filled supplement that can serve as an excellent meal replacement because it curbs your appetite. Some users notice that Brain Octane is very helpful during times of intermittent fasting or fasting.

But is it actually a fat-burning miracle, or is that too much of a stretch?

Could any MCT oil act much the same as Brain Octane? How much marketing and how much truth is it here? That’s what I’m here to uncover.

If you want to invest your money wisely, attain clear focus, divert hunger pangs, and lose weight, read this article.

What is Brain Octane Oil? Bulletproof Product Review

Bulletproof Octane Oil contains a high-quality MCT oil, which gives you a big energy boost. MCT oil is the backbone of any keto diet because it helps you maintain ketosis.

Bulletproof Octane OilsMCT oil can also kickstart ketosis thanks to its high intake of healthy fats.

With “brain” in its name, it’s no wonder that Bulletproof Bulletproof Oil is marketed as a brain booster.

The company claims this MCT oil will help you lose weight, and achieve mental clarity and optimal brain functioning.

Bulletproof claims their supplement works 18 times as good as coconut oil. How much truth is in that statement?

The Bulletproof brand is credible and reliable because of the extensive research invested in all its products. It’s no wonder that quite a few medical practitioners and nutritionists support their claims.


What Are the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Ingredients? Nutrition Facts

MCTs are the primary active ingredient.

MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides with a medium-length chain of carbon atoms. They are easier to digest than long-chain fatty acids because your body uses less energy to dissolve the chain of carbons.

Bulletproof Nutrition FactsThe consequence is that MCTs are easy to metabolize and, therefore, they’re a reliable and quick source of energy.

Not all MCTs are created equal, and that’s why it’s important to note that:

It contains just C8 MCTs. C8 is the chemical name for Caprylic Acid, which contains only eight carbon atoms in its chemical sequence and hence the product’s name – Octane (from the Latin word for “eight”) Oil.

Other MCTs have a longer chemical structure, like C10 Capric Acid and C12 Lauric Acid.

As C8 is the shortest in the bunch, it’s the easiest to metabolize, which comes with a particular set of advantages including:

Quick ketosis

Fewer keto flu symptoms

More energy

It features 130 calories and 14g total fats/ 14g saturated fats per serving, so:

  • It’s a nutritious snack because 14g of fat curb your appetite.
  • You’re getting almost 70% of the DRV of saturated fats, which helps you stick to your keto macros.
  • It’s a low-calorie snack or meal replacement, which is exactly what you’re looking for when you’re trying to lose weight.
  • It contains no carbs and no trans fats.

A glance at the ingredients list shows you other advantages:

  • This product contains no artificial ingredients and dangerous substances, but it’s more expensive than other keto supplements as a result.
  • The MCTs are high-quality, derived from sustainable coconut oil.
  • You can purchase this product in the 16 ounces (473 ml) or 32 ounces (946 ml) bottles, or in a convenient MCT oil to go pack.

How to Use / Instructions

The label is very helpful in this regard because it shows multiple ways of use:

  • You can add the MCT oil into your morning coffee (bulletproof coffee) for an immediate boost of energy.
  • Use it in your drinks, shakes, or smoothies because it’s easy to mix.
  • Add it to your food recipes, from salad dressings and sauces to baked keto snacks or meals. The oven temperature has to be lower than 320°F, which is MCT’s burning temperature.

Don’t go over three tablespoons daily because that’s the maximum allowed to prevent serious side-effects like diarrhea, nausea, and dehydration.

Easy to Use

This recommendation is for the short-term only. Scientists advise people that 210% of the DRV of saturated fats can cause them severe health problems, ranging from high cholesterol to cardiovascular problems.

Start with a teaspoon daily if you’re new to keto. Increase this dosage with one teaspoon every two days until you reach the maximum recommended limit.

Brain Octane Oil Main Benefits & Side Effects

Product is advertised as a miraculous fat-burning supplement.

I’ve tried the product myself, and I’ve read all the customer reviews. I consulted with my nutritionist and my GP and here’s what they told me about this product:

  • It can give you sustainable energy because it’s made with 100% C8, which is quickly absorbed and transformed into ketones. Glucose burns fast, but ketones burn steady.
  • You get a big energy boost. Ketones can’t be stored as fat, so they convert into brain energy. The trick is you have to be into ketosis. If you’re on carb-burning mode, the MCTs in Octane product won’t be converted into ketones.
  • It can curb your appetite because it’s full of healthy fats.
  • You can lose weight on it if you replace one meal with a Brain Octane shake because one serving contains just 130 calories.

BulletproofApart from these specific advantages, they gave me a list of articles to read about other benefits of C8, such as:

  • It’s a good tool against brittle hair and skin problems, including acne.
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can cure various health issues.
  • It can fight some pathogens, including the bad gut bacteria that increase the severity of your keto flu symptoms.
  • It promotes good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol, which is exactly what you want if you’re ingesting 210% DRV of saturated fats just from this product.
  • It gives your metabolism a significant boost, which helps you overcome weight-loss plateaus and lose weight without any hick-ups.
  • It sustains your muscle mass, which doesn’t happen with most fad diets. The trick is to associate MCT intake with challenging workouts.

What if you’re not on keto?

These benefits are harder to attain if you’re not on keto, although Bulletproof Brain Octane oil doesn’t market itself as an exclusive ketogenic supplement.

The problem when you’re not on keto is that your body will prefer to burn glucose for energy instead of the MCTs, which have bigger chances of being turned into fat stores if you’re not exercising them away.

Brain Octane if you’re not on keto looks like this:

  • Curbed appetite for potential weight loss
  • Bigger boost of sustained energy if you’re drinking it with your morning bulletproof coffee (some people just add butter)
  • Sustained muscle mass
  • Immune-booster
  • No ketosis and probably no fat burning mode

If you’re not on keto, you need to:

  • Minimize your carb intake as much as possible
  • Eat healthy carbs from green vegetables
  • Do workouts that challenge you

What are the dangers of Brain Octane Oil?

Brain Octane Oil generally is a safe supplement. If you’re not new to ketosis or taking MCT, Brain Octane Oil will pose significant side-effects.

Side EffectsIf you want to make sure this supplement is not dangerous for you personally, consult your doctor before taking it.

People with certain pre-existing conditions, such as hypotension, liver problems, or MCAD, can be put at risk by the use of MCTs.

Breastfeeding or pregnant women can safely take most MCT products considering that MCTs are found in breast milk in significant proportion.

Cross-check with your doctor and lactation consultant to make sure this info stands true in your case.

Some side-effects of Brain Octane Oil are commonly associated with MCT products, such as:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vertigo
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Fatigue

Is MCT Oil the Same as Bulletproof?

Bulletproof Octane Oil is a supplement that contains MCT Oil. There are other MCT Oils on the market, which you can find in bottles or capsules, with more or fewer calories, and with more or fewer grams of fats per portion.

The MCT oil in Brain Octane is derived from high-quality coconuts in sustainable, eco-friendly conditions. Other MCT oils are derived from palm trees and lead to massive destruction in the jungle.

The differences can continue, but I think you got the gist.

Does This Brain Oil Help With Weight Loss?

Brain Octane Oil helps you lose weight because:

  • It hinders your appetite because it has a high intake of healthy fats.
  • It can replace one meal per day so you can restrict your total daily caloric intake.
  • It can keep you into ketosis because it contains plenty of MCTs.


Brain Octane Oil will not help you lose weight if:

  • You don’t take care of your daily caloric intake. Three servings equal almost 400 calories, which is 20% of your daily requirements.
  • You don’t exercise to burn the extra fat intake you get from this supplement.
  • You’re not restricting your carbs. Otherwise, your body will burn glucose for energy and store the MCTs as fat deposits.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil vs. MCT Oil

It markets itself as a different type of MCT oil even though that’s not what the Reddit community thinks.

Indeed, Brain Octane is not a miracle fat burner if you’re not doing your part, but this product comes with several unique selling propositions:

It gives you more ketone energy faster than other types of MCTs.

Octane Oil has up to five times the C8 dosage in other products. This supplement contains 100% C8, while cheaper MCT oils contain 20-60% C8.

Versus MCT oil

Kickstart and maintain ketosis.

This supplement does not have any C12 Lauric Acid in its ingredients, and MCT which cannot convert into ketones.

Minimizes the keto flu symptoms.

Keto flu appears because your body doesn’t have enough enzymes to burn all the extra fat you’re supplying it with. Because Brain Octane Oil is 100% C8, which is metabolized easily, your body will feel the lack of fat-burning enzymes less acutely.

It is not toxic.

This supplement is expeller-pressed and not extracted with toxic solvents from coconuts, like cheap MCTs.

The purifying process is entirely natural, with no chemical accelerants, but just pressure, heat, and water.

You can check Oil SDS to find more info on these toxic chemicals added to your MCT oil.

Bulletproof MCT OilIt doesn’t destroy the environment.

This product is sourced from high-quality, organic coconuts, unlike other MCT oils that use palm kernels.

Palm trees grow in few places on the world, so cutting them down means destroying tropical forests.

Bulletproof is a transparent, reliable company.

Unlike other MCTs manufactured in shady, overseas factories, it is manufactured in a US facility.

Well packaged.

Their bottles don’t leak and don’t have wide mouths that are uncomfortable to drink or pour from.

Brain Octane Oil vs. XCT Oil

XCT oil is a marketing catch. There is no such thing as XCT – Bulletproof invented the term for MCT Oils that combine C8 and C10 MCTs.


Here’s why this is dangerous:

  • It positions products that combine C8 and C10 as non-MCT oils.
  • It makes you think that Brain Octane Oil is the only pure 100% C8 supplement on the market.

But I’ll bite. Here’s a quick comparison between Octane and “XCT” Oils – some of which retailed even by Bulletproof:

Brain Octane
XCT Oils
Bigger energy boost because it’s 100% C8, which metabolizes fasterSustained energy boost because C10 burns slower
Better for early morning mental focus because C8s give instant energy to your brainBetter for prolonged clarity during the day because the mix of C8 and C10 takes longer to act on your brain
Quick fat burn because it transforms easily into ketones if you’re on ketoIncreased satiety because C10 take longer to metabolize
More expensiveMore affordable

XCT oils from Bulletproof are clean, but XCT oils by other companies can feature:

Toxic chemicals

Unsustainable sourcing


What about “XCT” oils from top brands like Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto has 100% C8 options, as well as C8-C10 options, all of which are produced and manufactured in stellar conditions from top ingredients.

As a result, aC8-C10 MCT from Perfect Keto might be just as good as Brain Octane Oil.


Does It Really Work?

Yes. Bulletproof is a good product, with plenty of good reviews on all the websites where it’s retailed.

People say they:

My experience is similar. It gave me energy, and it curbed my appetite in half, so I lost weight without any keto flu symptoms.

It has an oily texture, though, which is one of the reasons I prefer Perfect Keto; I’ll tell you other reasons below.

Where To Buy?

Amazon has good prices plus good shipping and return deals. If you have a discount code or coupon, you can also try the official website for a 16 oz. or 32 oz. bottle.

buy bulletproof brain oil / add to cart

Other places where you can get this product are GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Target, and Walmart, but Amazon is the best option price-wise.

Final Conclusion

Hopefully, this review of Octane Oil uncovered all its sides. Although it is not a miraculous fat burner, it’s a good supplement that can help you lose weight if you’re doing your part.

Bulletproof Oil is 100% C8, which is easily metabolized for fast increased energy, while the 70% saturated fats keep you satiated for longer.

But I prefer Perfect Keto MCT oils, which can be bought in bottles or capsules, with 100% C8 or with a mix of C8 and C10.

Both these supplements have pure, clean ingredients, but I like Perfect Keto MCT Oil better because:

You can order capsules, which are the most convenient option.

You can try their MCT oil powder packets, which don’t leave an oily residue.

Brain Octane is tasteless, while Perfect Keto offers flavors galore.

My advice? Don’t compromise.

If you want flavorful morning coffees and lots of options to get a huge energy boost, clean energy, and maintain ketosis, choose Perfect Keto.


Don’t let its price scare you off; I have an exclusive 15% discount you can get if you click below.

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