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Sports Research Collagen Peptides [2020] Effective & User Reviews?

Sports Research Collagen Peptides are pure hydrolyzed peptides. They are easily absorbed and provide either type I or type I and III collagen, depending on whether you opt for the marine or bovine collagen.

While marine collagen is a good supplement for people who are allergic to beef, I would suggest taking the bovine-sourced collagen as it gives a complete collagen profile.

Because of this, I’ll be focusing on the hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides throughout this article.

What is Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

These collagen peptides are sourced from 100% GMO-free, grass-fed bovine skin. The hydrolyzation makes them easily absorbed and SportsResearch peptides are Paleo-certified/paleo-friendly.

The unflavored version contains no extra additives such as sugar, gluten, or dairy, making it safe for most diets, including keto. Do watch out for the flavored versions; they contain some extra ingredients.


What Are the Different Flavors? Taste?

There are three different flavors of Sports Research Hydrolyzed Bovine Peptides:


The unflavored version of  collagen delivers a tasteless dietary supplement that can easily be added to anything.

Whether you want to collagen boost in the mornings with your coffee, as a post-workout recovery beverage drink, or as added protein to your favorite baked goods, this powder won’t change the taste at all.

It does, however, add some richness to certain drinks, but it’s nothing distasteful. In fact, it doesn’t alter the taste at all.

The unflavored version is also the purest out of the three flavors, without any extra additives.

With this flavor, all you’re getting is 100% collagen.

Chocolate Collagen

The serving size for the unflavored powder is 11g, with 41 servings per 16oz and 82 servings per 36oz container.

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate flavor is a hot favorite. With all-natural flavors from cocoa powder, stevia, and monk fruit, this is a sweet and decadent indulgence.

Some people don’t exactly like the taste of stevia or monk fruit, which are both keto by the way.

If you are one of these people, I’d advise you get the unflavored version instead and add flavors you are comfortable with as needed.

The dark chocolate is also best with a creamy base like a nut, coconut, or traditional milk. This could increase the calorie count per serving, so keep this in mind if you are in a calorie deficit.

The serving size for the dark chocolate is 15.71g, but the container still contains 41 servings, the same as a 16oz unflavored container.


The vanilla flavor has a low-key taste that works great as a coffee creamer.

Like the dark chocolate flavor, it contains some added ingredients, including natural flavors, monk fruit, and stevia, which, if you don’t like, you won’t like the flavored version.

Vanilla also comes in a larger container as the serving size is the same as the dark chocolate flavor, 15,71g.


Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

All the flavors of Sports Research contain the same collagen profile per 11g or 15g serving including these non-essential amino acids:

  • Alanine 810mg
  • Arginine 840mg
  • Aspartic Acid 661mg
  • Glutamic Acid 1241mg
  • Glycine 2060mg
  • Histidine 85mg
  • Hydroxylysine 125mg
  • Hydroxyproline 1140mg
  • Proline 1150mg
  • Serine 340mg
  • Tyrosine 50mg

Each serving also includes these essential amino acids:

  • Isoleucine 155mg
  • Leucine 294mg
  • Lysine 340mg
  • Methionine 65mg
  • Phenylalanine 210mg
  • Threonine 190mg
  • Valine 244mg

The unflavored version has the following nutritional profile per 11g serving of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide:

  • 40 Calories
  • 10 g Protein
  • 60mg Sodium

The Dark Chocolate and Vanilla flavors have the following macro nutritional profile per 15.71g serving:

  • 50 Calories
  • 0.5g Fat
  • 2g Carbs (1g Net, 1g Fiber)
  • 11g Protein (Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides)

The flavors also have a micronutrient profile, which is not included in the unflavored version, so it’s unclear whether the micronutrients are the same throughout the three versions, but the unflavored version should also have these micronutrients:

  • Calcium 28mg
  • Iron 2mg
  • Phosphorus 13mg
  • Magnesium 22mg
  • Sodium 200mg
  • Potassium 94mg

Benefits & Possible Side Effects

Collagen is a structural protein that acts as the scaffolding of our bodies. It helps the skin, organs, muscles, tendons, joints, and bones in our bodies defy gravity and remain upright.

As we age, our body’s ability to produce “perfect” collagen diminished. The non-essential amino acids produced by our bodies slowly but surely lose their structural integrity, and that’s what causes aging.

One way to remedy these effects of aging is by taking more “perfect” collagen in the form of a supplement. Because these essential and non-essential amino acids don’t need to be made by our aging bodies, they don’t carry the side-effects of aging. And so, your body is rebuilt using better scaffolding.

And that’s the reason a collagen supplement can be very beneficial in the following areas:

Hair, Nail, Skin, Joint, Bone, Muscle, and Tendon Health

All these components contain collagen, and as a result, taking a collagen supplement can help improve each’s health.

Hair and nails tend to grow faster and stronger when taking a collagen supplement. Some people have even reported a fuller head of hair after using collagen for several months, which is a great benefit if you’re experiencing premature hair loss due to a keto diet.

Skin becomes more elastic when using collagen; this can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and even cellulite.

Supports Skin, Hair

Joints and tendons benefit from the use of collagen and become more supple and moveable.

Bones become stronger, and collagen has been shown to improve arthritis and osteoporosis.

Muscles benefit from the use of collagen as they are made up of the exact same building blocks provided by collagen. As we age, we tend to lose muscle tone; collagen can reverse this.

Muscle Building

Collagen is a great supplement to use to improve muscle tone in general, but it contain two vital amino acids for muscle strength and growth.

These are Arginine and Alanine. They are responsible for less lactic acid buildup and improved muscle growth.

That makes this peptide powder a good post-workout supplement when you’re doing weight lifting.


Gastro-intestinal upsets have been reported while using this supplement. This includes severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and bloating.

If you experience any of these symptoms, please discontinue use immediately.

Customer Reviews: Before and After Results

A lot of customers are satisfied with this product. They report faster hair and nail growth, improved skin elasticity, and some are even saying that it cured their IBS:

Amazon Customer

“After 15 plus years of battling IBS, I felt I was out of options. Nothing helped relieve the debilitating pain and cramping that accompanies the diagnosis. Adding to my situation, I struggled to find a protein I could digest without further intestinal upset.

On an off chance, I began using this product daily in my coffee. Within 2 weeks, I no longer had stomach cramping, constipation, or loud digestive sounds.

By the 3rd week, my insatiable appetite had diminished drastically, and the weight that I’ve been carrying began to drop off. After 6 weeks on the product, I ran out and somehow put off reordering.

Customer Reviews

Within the 2 weeks that I went without, my stomach cramping and original issues slowly returned. I know that’s a lot of TMI, but on the off chance, someone else who has “tried it all” comes across this review will hopefully give it a shot and find the same relief I have.”

While this won’t necessarily be the case for you, it has some of the best reviews out there. It is a relatively cheap supplement, and people have said that it does exactly what it’s supposed to.

While this isn’t a miracle supplement it does what you can expect a collagen supplement to do.

Where To Buy Best Grass-Fed Collagen Protein Powder

There are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different brands.

You want a collagen powder that offers different types of collagen. Almost all collagen powders provide collagen type I, but very few contain type II. So keep this in mind.

Walmart Logo

You also want to look at the price. Most collagen powders can be quite pricey, so make sure you get a brand that fits within your price range per serving.

Check the added ingredients. While adding Vitamin C to collagen has been proven to increase the effectivity, some of these dieary supplements contain additives like sugar, artificial flavors, and even unnecessary fillers.

Given all of this, SportsResearch is a pretty good option. They do, however not contain Type II collagen like some other, more expensive options do.

That being said, you can pick up a container of this for as little as $27,95 from Amazon.

You can also purchase it off their site or from Wallmart or GNC.

Final Thoughts & Alternatives?

Now, while SportsResearch brand does offer a premium product, there are some drawbacks. It doesn’t contain as complete a profile as some other collagen supplements.

And, while it is a pure source of collagen, it doesn’t offer other supplemental additives that will enhance its function.

The problem with this? Well, instead of purchasing an all-in-one product that is going to work for you, you are going to have to purchase more than one product, and this can push the price up quite a bit.

I really like Perfect Keto Grass-Fed Collagen for exactly this reason. It gives me a built-in MCT dose that gives me added energy with my morning coffee and helps me burn fat until lunchtime.


It also has added Acacia Fiber, which minimizes possible side-effects and cultivates fat-burning bacteria.

If you’re looking for an exogenous keto protein powder and you want to try the Perfect Keto Collagen Powder, I can give you a special 15% off. In my opinion, it is one of the best collagen supplements right now.

If you’re looking for pure top-rated collagen powder, SportsResearch powder is a good option.