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Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Review (2021): Is It Effective and Worth Buying?

Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D., is a famous medical doctor who recommends Quest Nutrition MCT Oil Powder, among other supplements.

I’ve read a lot about him and listened to his opinion on dietary supplements and a healthy lifestyle on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

And if he’s using Quest Nutrition, it means there’s something good to it.

I researched all its ingredients to see if this supplement can compete with other, more expensive ones on the market.

I’ve found some benefits along with some misrepresented facts, and not all its ingredients are stellar.

Is this supplement worth your time?

Is this the best MCT oil you can buy?

Let’s find out…

What is Quest Nutrition MCT

Quest Nutrition is a reliable brand that retails nutrition supplements, including Quest Protein Powders and Coconut Oil Powder.

MCT Oil Quest

Many happy customers appreciate their affordable products, quality ingredients, and friendly customer service.

MCT is a supplement intended for those who follow a ketogenic diet or people who want to lose weight.

This powder is made with MCT oils, which are, in fact, healthy fats.

You can add a scoop of this powder into your smoothie or morning coffee to reduce your appetite, gain more strength before workouts, or replace a meal.


What’s in Quest MCT Oil Powder? Flavors & Taste

The ingredients include:

Medium Chain Triglycerides

MCTs are fatty acids with a medium-length carbon chain.

What is MCT

These fatty acids are the easiest to break down into ketones in your body when it comes to supplements.

Short-chain fatty acids have the shortest chain of carbons, but they can’t be turned into supplements.

Long-chain fatty acids take longer to metabolize, so they’re not an efficient source of energy.

MCTs are also not created equal:

C6 (Caproic acid) is the MCT with the shortest chain, but can’t be used in dietary supplements because of its bad taste.

C8 (Caprylic acid) is the easiest MCT to decompose into ketones that can be turned into a supplement. As a result, it gives you the biggest burst of energy, and it increases your ketone levels quickly if you’re already on keto.

C10 (Capric acid) takes longer to convert into energy, but it will give you a sustained energy boost and help maintain your ketosis.

C12 (Lauric acid) has the longest carbon chain of all the MCTs, so it’s almost like an LCT (long-chain triglyceride). Though C12 won’t give you a lot of energy fast, it is still a healthy type of fat that increases satiety. C12 is also renowned for its immune-boosting properties because research shows it can fight bacteria and viruses.

The problem with the MCTs used in Quest’s MCT is you don’t know what these MCTs are.

You can intuit they’re not pure C8 like Perfect Keto because:

  • Quest MCT oil powder costs less, which is probably because it uses low-cost MCTs like C10 and especially C12.
  • As says on a label, you can use it for baking. You can’t use C8 and C10 MCT to cook a baked treat because their burning point is 320F, but also you can cook with any keto coconut oil.

It is made with coconut oil, which contains mostly C12 Lauric acid but advertised as a powder to get more customers. That’s not lying per se, but they’re still is a world of difference between this product and Perfect Keto.

Soluble Corn Fiber

Soluble Corn Fiber

When you read the label, you notice two big words: “NO MALTODEXTRIN.”

However, a quick search for corn soluble fiber shows you that’s exactly what it is: maltodextrin.

Although maltodextrin has a bad reputation among keto-ers because it adds carbs to their supplements, this ingredient has various proven benefits, including:

Low sugar content

A healthy source of dietary fibers

Increases calcium absorption

Promotes digestive health

Prebiotic effect

Lowers insulin after meals, so it’s a good helper on low-carb diets

Long term weight management

Sodium Caseinate

Sodium caseinate, aka casein, is a milk-derived protein shakes that’s commonly used as a food additive.

Sodium CaseinateAlthough it doesn’t have any dangerous effects on your body, it is not vegan, and it can trigger your allergies to lactose.

Casein is a good source of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium – all of which are essential when you’re on keto.

Casein can also replace carbs, which is another advantage for keto-ers.

Sunflower Lecithin

This ingredient boasts several important benefits both for those following keto as well as non-keto-ers:

  • It lowers cholesterol. When you’re on keto and upping your total fats intake, you need something to help you keep your cholesterol in check.
  • It improves heart health. Long-term keto has been associated with cardiovascular issues, so it’s good that QuestNutrition included an ingredient to lower the risk.
  • It helps improve digestion. Keto flu is not fun, and most supplements trigger at least mild diarrhea because of their high-fat content, whereas sunflower lecithin counteracts this issue.
  • It can improve your memory. Lecithin has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of dementia, so it can potentially improve mental functioning. When you start burning fats for energy instead of carbs, you may experience mental fog until your brain catches up to things. Lecithin alleviates this symptom so that you can stick to your keto diet.
  • Moisturizes skin. If you have skin issues because of your previous high-carb diet, lecithin can help you alleviate them. When you first start keto, you lose a lot of water from your cells that keep the fat stored in your cells. As your cells deflate, your skin might look less shiny, but lecithin helps you continue to look your best self.

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide

Dioxide is a compound of silica and oxygen, and it’s used as a safe anti-caking agent.

This ingredient poses no known risks unless you overdose on it or inhale it, though scientists agree they need more long-term studies.

Here’s what facts I like about these ingredients:

  • They appear to be safe
  • They can improve your health and help your weight loss
  • They can prevent various issues associated with a ketogenic diet
  • You get 4% of your DRV of dietary fiber in one serving
  • The product contains no cholesterol, no carbs, and it’s low-calorie (just 60 calories/ serving)

Here’s what I don’t like:

  • It’s not clear what MCTs they’re using
  • Quest MCT appears to be disingenuous about the use of maltodextrin
  • This supplement isn’t vegan
  • This supplement contains no significant amounts of vitamins and minerals

Here’s what I’m ambivalent about:

  • One serving contains 7g of healthy fats. That’s just as good as Perfect Keto and, if you’re using two scoops per day, you’re below the red limit with your consumption of saturated fats, which might pose long-term problems. However, Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil contains 14g of healthy fats per serving, which can keep you fuller for longer. Onnit MCT product contains 13 grams of MCT’s

What About the Taste?

From “one of the best-tasting shakes available” to “Amazing taste and texture- cheat meal worthy!” people are generally happy with this MCT Oil Powder’s flavor, texture, and mixability (mixes easily)
I like how it tastes, as well, especially mixed in my smoothies or morning coffee. I tried mixing it in my tea, but it was not my cup of tea.

My favorite tasting MCT is no secret. I still haven’t found a product as good for my taste buds as Perfect Keto.

Benefits & Potential Side Effects

Quest Nutrition Powder

I’ve already discussed a little bit about the advantages of each ingredient taken separately above, but now let’s make a complete list of benefits:

Can prevent digestive distress because of its added fiber and lecithin

Can help stabilize your blood sugar after meals also thanks to fiber, lecithin, and sodium caseinate

Can improve your mood and enhance your alertness thanks to lecithin

Can give you a significant energy boost before your workouts thanks to the added MCTs

Can help you build a bigger muscle mass as a result of more effective workouts

Can reduce your appetite thanks to the 7g of healthy MCTs

Can replace one meal because it’s low in calories

Can help you stick to your ketogenic diet because it contains 35% DRV of healthy fats and no carbs

Can help you lose weight as a result of all the above

Itt has all the same possible (not the same with probable) MILD side-effects as all supplements, including Carrington Farms, Perfect Keto or Bulletproof:

  • Tiredness
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation and bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

How Much Oil Should You Take?

The answer depends on your purposes:

Start with half a serving per day (4.5g) for the first two days until you become accustomed to this supplement, then move on to one serving/ day.

Increase your daily dose until you get to about three servings per day for your breakfast before your workout and as an afternoon snack, for instance. This dose is the maximum recommended amount for most people. 1 lb tub contains 50 servings, which shows good value for money.

Although I don’t recommend it, I saw some online reviewers claiming they take eight servings per day to get into ketosis.


I don’t see that going well long-term because of all the calories and fat pumped into their bloodstreams, but I admit it might be a valid short-term solution for some people if their doctors concur.

How Much MCT Powder Should I Take Daily?

According to the MCT website, the MCT powder should be taken at least three times a day, in an amount that equals at least 20% of your daily calories, in addition to the use of fat (that is whole fats like avocado). Powder takes some time to get used to, so you may have to ramp it up gradually if you start low and increase the amount gradually. However, one MCT powder should not contain more than 10 grams of fat, which will help your body metabolize it correctly, so you can expect to start losing fat very quickly.

If you take the recommended amount of MCT powder for weight loss, your daily calorie intake will have to be adjusted accordingly. It is recommended that you keep the powder in your fridge, so you can consume it for breakfast or as a snack with some healthy fat. One of the popular questions that I get is, “How many grams of powder should I take in a day?” Although the official amount differs according to the manufacturer, the site recommends 20 grams per day for weight loss. Although I have also used this product for weight loss, I have recommended to my clients to take about 24 grams per day.

Does MCT Oil Affect Sleep?

Coconut oil is really good for health but does it also have a sleep-related effect? It’s really great for boosting your metabolism, but it doesn’t do much to help you with your night sleep, but there is coconut oil that has been approved by the FDA, called MCT oil, and it may be the right choice for you. MCT oil is basically a processed form of coconut oil. It has some of the same characteristics as coconut oil, but it is processed in a different way. You can also use it with another product in a cooking recipe or in some bakery products. It does have some of the same properties as coconut oil, but it also has the benefit of being a great source of MCT.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, and these have a high number of calories per gram, and they are also very easy to burn. The type of fat that you choose is really important when trying to figure out which oil to use for a particular health problem. MCT oil has been shown to aid in weight loss. Related: More Resources for Natural Sleep Adriene Mishler is the author of The Unbanking and Unbanking a Butter Cookie which is available on Amazon. Her book is based on Adriene’s first cookbook.

Is it OK to Have Quest MCT Powder Before Bed?

Yes. Many sources recommend a good dose before bed because:

Better sleep plus less weight is a good recipe for increased motivation and energy during the next day!

Where To Buy?

Amazon is the cheapest place to get the 16-ounce bottle for around $30 and free shipping, but you can also purchase bigger tubs.

You can also get this supplement on their website, Costco or Amazon. One quick search for MCT s Walmart shows you various other cheaper products if you’re still looking.

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But with all the advantages we’ve discussed so far, $30 is a small price to pay for your monthly tub of Quest MCT Oil Powder.

Get this supplement on Amazon by clicking here. It’s cheaper and gives you more energy than your weekly Starbucks coffee, guaranteed.

Final Verdict. Is Perfect Keto the Best Alternative?

Quest Powder is a good supplement because it’s affordable, it contains 7g of healthy fats from MCTs, and tastes good. Many happy reviewers say they get more energy from this tasty meal substitute.

However, Perfect Keto is the better option because:

It gives you more energy because it’s quickly metabolized thanks to its C8 and C10 composition.

It can increase your ketone level faster because it’s easier to breakdown this powder into ketones

It doesn’t have any sweet, soluble fiber, aka maltodextrin or any other anti-caking agents.

It’s vegan, unlike this product.

It contains healthy, gut-friendly probiotics in the form of Acacia fibers, which work better than soluble corn.

It’s sweetened with Stevia that doesn’t affect your glycemic index.

It tastes better

Although Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is more expensive, I have an exclusive 15% discount available now. Just click here and redeem yours.